AC Installation and Repair in Sacramento, CA

AC Repair

We have decades of experience repairing all brands of Air Conditioning Units..

AC Installation and Replacement

We can replace your aging heating and cooling equipment with new, high-quality energy-efficient appliances to save you money on high energy bills.

AC Service and Maintenance

Ongoing service and Maintenance on your AC Units, will extends the life and minimize the chances of untimely breakdowns during the summer when you need it the most. We check toensure that all parts of your system are working properly and efficiently.

Indoor Air Quality

We use the best technology and techniques to help you maintain a healthy indoor environment. Our quality indoor air testing services let you breathe easier by assessing the air in your building and identifying any harmful particles that need to be removed.

Why Us?

Owner Operated • Excellent Service • Affordable Prices

I live and work in Sacramento and have been here most of my life.  During this time we’ve helped hundreds of our neighbors with pretty much everything HVAC related. We are well known for our $59 service fee and have worked hard to earn a stellar reputation in the community.

We always provide you with the best heating and cooling options, so your house is comfortable for all seasons.

We offer quick, quality same-day HVAC repair, installations, duct cleaning, and maintenance services for our customers’ convenience.








We pride ourselves on providing top-quality materials and skilled labor. We go the extra mile to ensure that any client can breathe easy knowing the air quality of their home is in good hands with us.


Mon – Fri Same Day Service 8:00am until 12:00PM


Mon – Fri 12:00pm to 4:00PM Daily


Mon – Fri 4:00pm to 8:00pm weekends and Holidays

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